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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

My Fair Lady

Here are the trailer and several songs from the famous musical "My Fair Lady" starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison (the Broadway show was with Julie Andrews).
Few know that the great phonetics professor Peter Ladefoged (1925–2006) was hired by director George Cukor to teach Rex Harrison how to behave like an Edwardian-era phonetician for his role of Henry Higgins in the movie. He was also the (uncredited) voice of linguistics lesson.
Peter Ladefoged was a professor in the UCLA Linguistics Department from 1962 to 1991, and thereafter a Research Linguist. He was preeminent in the field of phonetics. He studied more than 400 languages for his masterwork on the sounds of the world's languages.

The trailer

The Rain in Spain

Why Can't The English

I Could Have Danced All Night

Other great versions, by Shirley Bassey...

...and Della Reese

See 2 other versions in French by Mathé Altéry (the dubbing singing voice of Audrey Hepburn) and by Gloria Lasso (in French Singers).

On The Street Where You Live

A great version by Tom Jones

See a version in French by Gloria Lasso (in French Singers).

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face, by Andy Williams...

...and Dean Martin

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